The Wendell and Inez Robie Foundation

Bob Watson Loop, Tevis Cup and Deer Creek Trails

The Bob Watson Loop (shown in green) totals about 16 miles. It follows the Cena Lar Trail heading east, then departs south to join FS Road 6 (shown in olive green.) It then works its way past Watson Lake and then follows the Tahoe Rim Trail heading west. It then drops down onto the Tevis Cup Trail for the return to Robie Park.

The 100 mile Tevis Cup Trail (shown in blue) initially follows FS Road 6 heading east from the park. After about a mile, it veers off onto an old logging road and heads south. It then climbs slowly for about four miles and then winds its way down to cross the Truckee River, about 6-1/2 miles from the park. It then continues by climbing toward Squaw Peak. For more about this trail and its long association with Wendell Robie, visit the Tevis Cup Ride website.

The Deer Creek Trail (shown in magenta) is accessible from the Tevis Cup trail, not far from where it leaves the graded Forest Service road. This beautiful single track trail traces the edge of Deer Creek for about three miles, ending near the Truckee River. NOTE: Deer Creek Trail ends at the National Forest boundry. Do not enter or attempt to cross the private properties next to the river: You must double back on the trail and exit the way you came.

Watson -- Tevis -- Deer Creek