The Wendell and Inez Robie Foundation

Current Projects

Barsaleau Pavilion
The Barsaleau Pavilion

The Foundation has numerous projects in progress ...

The Foundation has joined with the Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF), the Western States Endurance Run (WSER) and the Drucilla Barner Foundation to form common Strategic and Tactical Plans for the 2006, 2007 and 2008 time frame. These plans are reflected in the projects listed below.

Project The Little Bald Mountain Trail

Project Pointed Rocks to No Hands Bridge Trail Repair

Project Volcano Canyon Trail Repair

Project The Wendell T. Robie Trail, El Dorado County

This project began in 1986 as a connecting trail between the Auburn Recreation area and the Georgetown Recreation area. Prior to our involment, no connecting trail existed. This project has been expanded to provide a continuous equestrian and hiking trail from Auburn to Robie Equestrian Park via El Dorado County. We have invested over $118,000 in pursuing this project. Your donations will allow us to build on this exciting project.

Jack Veal
Jack Veal in a 1994 photo

Project The Jack Veal Scenic Alpine Nature Trail

We have undertaken construction of a hiking trail at Robie Park that highlights the Sierra Crest from Squaw Peak to Mount Lincoln. The trail, set for completion in 2008, will be dedicated to Jack Veal. Jack has been a horseman, trail advocate and volunteer in the foothills and the Sierra Nevada for well over 50 years.

Project The Patent Road Staging Area, Foresthill

We are working with the Foresthill Trails Alliance, Placer County Parks and the California Dept. of Parks (Auburn District) to establish a public staging area connecting the Todd Valley area to the Western States Trail. Recently an opportunity has been created to expand this project into an equestrian and hiking campground. We have joined with the Golden West Historical Foundation and have access to adjoining county property. Donations earmarked for this project will be used for trail construction and staging area improvements.

Project The Pioneer Express Trail, Folsom Lake

Little Bald Mt. Trail
Little Bald Mt. Trail during construction

Wendell Robie lead many rides in which the Pioneer Express Trail between Auburn and Folsom Lake was dedicated in the early 1950’s. Our foundation was instrumental in the reconstruction of portions of this trail from the floods of 1986 and later. Recently we worked with many groups to reroute this trail around the Auburn Skateboard Park adding a huge element of safety for horses and riders. We continue to support this historical trail and your donations can help protect this wonderful trail.

Project The Donaldson Staging Area, Volcanoville

During the summer of 2000 we entered into a Challenge Cost-Share Agreement with the El Dorado National Forest (Georgetown District) to construct an equestrian staging and picnic area near Volcanoville. Also joining in this project the El Dorado Equestrian Trails Foundation, the Bear State Property Owners and the Drucilla Barner Foundation entered into the agreement. The groups pledged $36,000 to be matched by the Forest Service to complete the project. This staging area allows public access to the Nevada Point Trail and the Rubicon Jeep Trail. This project has been delayed due to a lack of funding with the Forest Service. They are expecting the project to continue 2004/2005. Your donations can add tremendous support for this project.

Project The Charles Heumphreus Lecture, UC Davis

The Robie Foundation has pledged $10,000 to the UCD Veterinary School of Medicine to help sponsor an annual lecture for equine education . This pledge is over ten years and began in 1999. Help support equine education by donating to this educational program.

Project The Sterling Pointe Staging Area, Loomis

Pungeon Boardwalk
Building the Pungeon Boardwalk on the
WS Trail above Hwy 89 in 1990

We have been working with the Placer County Parks to make additional improvements to the Sterling Pointe staging area along Folsom Lake. Many groups and individuals have joined in support of this project. Between the years of 2000 and 2003 we have funded over $15,000 in trail construction, water systems, grading, gravel, hitching posts, picnic tables etc. This staging area was being closed to the public due to a lack of funding by the county. Thanks to your support it was saved. Your donations do make a difference!

Project General Trail Maintenance

The Robie Foundation works with many groups, agencies and community members on a wide range of projects for public benefit. We work with local groups that have similar goals such as the Western States Trail Foundation and the Western States Endurance Run. Much of our focus has been on the Western States Trail but we also support other trail issues. Recently we participated in the Robinson Flat Trail, planning and installation of park signs between Foresthill and Folsom Lake, and numerous other trail improvements as needed.