The Wendell and Inez Robie Foundation

Robie Park Layout

Robie Park has several camping areas. (Click the map to view full size.)

Robie Park MapThe central location marked "Rider Check-In Area" in red is where the Tevis Cup Ride sets up for their pre-Ride Vetcheck each year. In this section of the park the ground is firm, level and very open. The other camp areas shown are also roomy; some are well-suited for large trailers.

Stock water is available from well pumps and troughs located near the central area. This well water is not suitable for human consumption. Park visitors should bring their own drinking and cooking water with them.

There are permanent vault toilets near the cental area. Those shown on the map are "porta-potty" toilets available only during the Tevis Cup Ride Weekend.

Note that the last 100 yards of roadways leading toward the Meadow (upper right on the map) are gated. Vehicles and horses are not allowed in the Meadow.

There are a number of excellent trails available from the park that are suitable for hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers.